Privacy Policy

Our attorneys and staff regularly communicate with clients by electronic mail. You may contact Flick Law Group, P.C. by electronic mail as provided below or directly to an attorney using the V-card attached to his or her profile. If you are not a current client of the firm and are interested in speaking with one of our attorneys to obtain legal advice, please contact us by phone to set up an appointment. If you are seeking legal representation from the firm for the first time, please do not provide any confidential information or any factual details regarding the matter you may wish to discuss with us. We cannot accept unsolicited e-mail of that nature because it does not afford us the ability to clear conflicts before receiving potential confidential information. If you are seeking information regarding a potential employment claim please note that Flick Law Group, P.C. primarily represents employers and any information you share regarding a potential claim may not be protected by the Attorney Client Privilege.

This e-mail message does not create, establish, or constitute an attorney-client relationship between you and Flick Law Group, P.C. or any attorney in the firm. Please check the box to acknowledge this statement.

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