Corporate & Commercial Law

Whether you are just starting out or operate a multi-generational privately owned business, FLG Attorneys are experienced in all aspects of corporate governance and commercial transactions including complex commercial leases, contracting, commercial collections, M.G.L. c. 138 (liquor) licensing, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, corporate financing, and dissolutions.

If you are looking to start a new business our attorneys work closely with you to design a business structure that meets your business and financial needs. Not every new business needs to incorporate, and our Attorneys consider multiple factors including business size, financial projections, and growth potential to determine the best structure for your new venture. In addition, new business owners have the benefit of our years of employment law experience to guide business owners through the often-confusing regulatory world governing the employer employee relationship.

For well established businesses, our Attorneys will work closely with you to maintain corporate governance compliance in addition to assisting with commercial needs including contracting, human resource issues, leasing, and related legal matters. And when its time, assist with transitioning your business to the next generation or new owner, or closing your business down.

Commercial Collections

Good businesses are built on relationships and nothing can damage those relationships like failing to pay for services or products. Attorneys at FLG take a proactive approach and try to preserve the business relationship while seeking just payments for services and products provided by our clients. Nevertheless, some relationships cannot be preserved, and litigation becomes necessary. When it does, FLG Attorneys are prepared and experienced to litigate even the most complex commercial collection matters.

We approach every commercial collection matter with the same goal, preserve the business relationship. This process begins with having a well drafted contract before engaging in a commercial relationship. By addressing all the terms of the relationship before the relationship begins, businesses avoid unexpected outcomes, or broken relationships that can result from ambiguities or unspoken terms. Our Attorneys have extensive experience negotiating business contracts and addressing such ambiguities, and if collections for services or products becomes an issue, we look first to structure payment agreements that preserving the business relationship while securing our clients rights.

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